W06 Moose with Lee Kantar

Lee Kantar is man with moose on his mind. Whether he’s conducting aerial population surveys by helicopter, attaching specially adapted tracking collars, or racing to the scene of a mortality to conduct a field necropsy, Maine’s official state moose biologist is dedicated to the health and survival of the largest herbivore in the North Woods. Throughout the last decade, he has been integral to building a moose management program that’s been described as one of the most modern and comprehensive in the US.  

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012 Kris MacCabe – Maine Warden Service

Hitting clean up is Kris MacCabe as part of our interview series of North Woods Law Warden’s as a lead up to the North Woods Law Throwdown Softball Game. Kris is a competitive guy with a passion for the woods of Maine and the Maine Warden Service.

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North Woods Law Softball Game

Here’s What We Discuss:
The Maine Warden Services
A Name Back to 1880
Vacationland vs Live Free or Die
Search and Rescue, Police in the Woods
2 Weeks to 2.5 Year Search
A K-9 and Return to Base
Warden Search vs Volunteer Search
Sighting and False Sightings
Hunting and Search for Closure
Not a Job, It’s a Lifestyle
The Earle of Errol
The People’s Game Warden
A Warden’s Reputation – Healthy Fear
Role Reversal, Mrs MacCabe
Hunting Under the Influence
The Red Coats
My Neighbor was a Really Good Night Hunter
A Decoy and a Backyard Case
A Preemptive Warrant
A Birthday Gift with Deer All Around
The Canadian Did It
Red Handed Night Hunt
Standby to Standby, Nerve Racking
Manhunt for Corp Cole’s Killer
FBI Agents and Clearing the Cabin
North Woods Law
Game Wardens are Curious
We Always Have the Best Spots
Nothing Good Happens After Midnight
Airing in Germany, Less Commercials in Europe

009 Greg Sirpis – Maine’s Operation Game Thief

Poaching is no different than stealing from a grocery store. Backed by the members of Maine’s Operation Game Thief (OGT), Greg Sirpis strives to lead Maine’s charge against poachers.  As Chairman of the Board for Maine’s OGT, Greg’s mission is to protect Maine’s natural resources. By organizing and promoting, educating, and making reporting easier for everyone, Greg hopes to catch one poacher at a time and reduce the number of animals and fish that are illegally taken in Maine every year.

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North Woods Law Softball Game

Here’s What We Discuss:

  • Upcoming Softball Game
  • Operation Game Thief
  • Wildlife Crimes Stoppers
  • Turning in a Poacher, Anonymously
  • Rewards, Most Don’t Want the Money
  • A Passion for Catching Bad Guys
  • Greg’s Start with OGT
  • An Opportunity for Cabela’s to Lead the Charge
  • It’s a Full Time Job
  • New Content – Live Streams
  • A Non-Profit That Represents
  • Friends of OGT
  • Educational Committee, The Ethics
  • 25,000 Deer Taken Illegally in Maine
  • Poaching is No Different Than Stealing
  • 1 800 Alert Us to a 411 App
  • Limited Amount of Resources
  • Quality Information
  • Eleven Volunteers
  • The Moose Lottery on a Weekend
  • Aug 3rd, Hadlock Field, North Woods Throwdown
  • International Wildlife Crime Stoppers
  • Northeast Wildlife Conference
  • Africa Fighting Tooth and Nail
  • Coyotes – Losing the Balance
  • Hard to Measure
  • Coming Up Next: Eric Fluette

008 Sgt Aaron Cross – Live at Cabelas

From the 2019 Maine Moose Lottery, we sat down with Sgt Aaron Cross from the Maine Warden Service. As a regular on the North Woods Law television program, Aaron has many stories to share that reflects his career as a Maine Warden, his involvement with Operation Game Thief, and International Wildlife Crime Stoppers.

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North Woods Law Softball Game

Here’s What We Discuss:
The Moose Lottery
Operation Game Thief
Hired Prior to Finishing College
Whitewater Rafting
Swift Water Training
Tricked into a Date
The Game Warden Story
Frequent Flyers and an Arrest Warrant
Walking Toward Shore, Bickering Felons
Family Member Tickets
2032 Graduation and Retirement
Night Hunting Beaver
Losing the Decoy
Locked in with a Moose Decoy and No Suspect
Another _______ Minivan
Checking the Gun, a 22 Mag is a Poacher’s Choice
Killed Before Court in a Bar Fight
Duck Hunters in Boxer Shorts
Good People Make Mistakes Too
Smelting on Kingsbury Pond
Being on the Job
How to Be a Game Warden in Maine
Knowing the Activity
A Possible Hunting Incident -Dead Guy in the Driver’s Seat
A Drug Deal Gone Bad
Cold Cases and Missing Persons
A Deer Hunting Case in March
It All Comes Around
Aug 3 Maine OGT North Woods Law Softball Game

006 Norm Lewis – Maine Game Warden

Maine is an awesome place to be a game warden. They don’t call it Vacationland for nothing. Woods, waterways, mountains, oceans, coastline, Maine has it all. Similar to New Hampshire, Maine’s Warden Service goes hand in hand with operations along the NH border. Norm Lewis is a great warden and woodsman. He’s big, burly with a soft touch and a mean streak when needed.

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Here’s What We Discuss:
A Serious Moose Case
You Catch a Game Warden on a Bad Day
Head Lights on the Side of a Mountain
T-Shirt and Shorts Like I Own the Place
Accessory After the Fact
Are You from Canada? The Alien License
Coulda Charged Him but Didn’t
A Prominent Maine Man
Just Tell Me What You Know
I Liked the Old Guy
Forestry at Oreno
6 Inches of Dunkin Donuts Cups
It’s How You Want to Live
A Deer Decoy, a Wildlife Simulator
Few Things Trump Everything, but This Did
Jaws on the Floormats
They Must Have Stolen It
Coffee and Apple Pie
We’re Seizing the Blazer
I Could Use a New Ride
A 1973 Rusty Ford Pickup Truck
We Keep It, You Never Get It Back
The Buck from LL Bean
Becoming Administration, Not for Me
Not a Great Place to Be, IA
A Dog that Looks Like Norm
My Dog Had an Affinity for Cadavers
High Profile Serial Killer
Border Patrol, Crossing States to Get There
No Paperwork, Talking to the Press
The Road to Katahdin