032 Eric Blanchard – Maine Warden Service

Thin Green Line Podcast

Hunt of a Lifetime


Maine’s Operation Game Thief

NH Wildlife Heritage

International Wildlife Crime Stoppers

Here’s What We Discuss:

  • Blanchett or Blanchard
  • Concord NH Police Officer
  • Stood Out in Kentucky
  • 1997 Drug Unit
  • Duck Hunting and Coastal Ducks
  • A Youth Turkey Season
  • Bowhuntingand GoPro, First Bird Video
  • Catching the Intentional Violator
  • Adrenaline Like a 10 Pointer
  • Hunting the Poacher
  • Catching 1%, We’re the Threat
  • Sometimes You Get Them a Few Times
  • Math Class and Physics
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Accelerometer, Studying Crash Sites
  • A Warden’s Podcast is Breaking New Ground
  • North Woods Law, Great Guys
  • Bit by a Dog
  • Poaching a Deer to Be on TV
  • Kids Love North Woods Law
  • North American Hair Sheep – Field Dressed
  • Who Shot the Sheep?
  • I Can Record Anyone in Maine Without a Warrant
  • A Retired UPS Driver
  • DNA and a Bow Release
  • Following a Guy to a Bar
  • Warrant for a Mouth Swab
  • Grant Writer to Professor
  • DNA is Crucial These Days – Forget Fingerprints
  • Warden Christmas Party
  • Recruitment Today, 800 to 35, A Problem
  • Quality and Trustworthy

012 Kris MacCabe – Maine Warden Service

Hitting clean up is Kris MacCabe as part of our interview series of North Woods Law Warden’s as a lead up to the North Woods Law Throwdown Softball Game. Kris is a competitive guy with a passion for the woods of Maine and the Maine Warden Service.

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North Woods Law Softball Game

Here’s What We Discuss:
The Maine Warden Services
A Name Back to 1880
Vacationland vs Live Free or Die
Search and Rescue, Police in the Woods
2 Weeks to 2.5 Year Search
A K-9 and Return to Base
Warden Search vs Volunteer Search
Sighting and False Sightings
Hunting and Search for Closure
Not a Job, It’s a Lifestyle
The Earle of Errol
The People’s Game Warden
A Warden’s Reputation – Healthy Fear
Role Reversal, Mrs MacCabe
Hunting Under the Influence
The Red Coats
My Neighbor was a Really Good Night Hunter
A Decoy and a Backyard Case
A Preemptive Warrant
A Birthday Gift with Deer All Around
The Canadian Did It
Red Handed Night Hunt
Standby to Standby, Nerve Racking
Manhunt for Corp Cole’s Killer
FBI Agents and Clearing the Cabin
North Woods Law
Game Wardens are Curious
We Always Have the Best Spots
Nothing Good Happens After Midnight
Airing in Germany, Less Commercials in Europe