015 Nick Brunson – Nevada Fish and Game Warden

Nick Brunson is a Nevada Fish and Wildlife Warden. Nevada is some vast wild west territory and Nick has 9000 square miles to cover on his patrol. With only 31 Warden’s in the state, it can be overwhelming and Nick often times will camp out as he attempts to catch a poacher instead of returning home for the night. It’s just part of the job.

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Here’s What We Discuss:
Massive Wild West, 9000 Square Miles
1st Warden Check in 20 Years
31 Officers
Your a Cowboy, Need a Horse
East Vs West
One Tag, One Sheep
Sheep Pneumonia
Not Much Hunting Data with One Sheep Kill
A Flight Patrol in a Helicopter
Law Enforcement is Part of the Management
A Wildlife Case, 2 Days Surveillance
An Elk vs a Moose
The Utah and Idaho Border
Bold Face Lies
I Didn’t Know I Was in Nevada
Lady Hunters are Finesse Hunters, Patient and Calm
Wardens Detect 1% of Crime
Can’t Be Everywhere
A Poached Deer Concealed in Brush
Easier to Stay and Camp
If You Kill It Use It
Crime Along the Border
A Migration from Idaho
An Outstanding Wife
No Cell Signals
A Little Piece of Gods Country
Get Wild in Nevada, Not Just Vegas

014 Jen Wolf – Michigan DNR

Jen Wolf is with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and has seen a variety of work over the last 21 years. Jen has spent time on the Michigan State Police, as a VCO and also was involved in the environment enforcement of the Flint Michigan Water Quality issue. Physical fitness is a priority for Jen and she says that the job has always had it’s challenges, but says your reaction is how you keep chaos under control.

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Here’s What We Discuss:
Jen Wolf, DNR, 21 Years
Pushups, Physical Fitness
Michigan State Police
Travers City, Michigan
VCO – Volunteer Conservation Officer
City Game Warden
As Good at a 25 Year Old Man
Pigeon River Forest
Checking Licenses
Car Stuck Where Trucks Go
Pressures of the Job, Understanding
Pollution Control and Environmental Protection
Federal and State
Water Quality to Fish and Wildlife
Trust, Flynt Michigan Water Issue
Finally the Truth, Bring it to Prosecution
Order to Chaos
Water Patterns are Cyclical, Look at History
Long Term Solutions, Not Short Term
Woods Water Seasons
Dealing with Good People and Bad People
Being Treated Differently
It’s All How You React to It
I’m Capable
The Dispatch Center
Regional Rep, 250 Officers
We Are Hiring
Never a Line at the Bathroom

012 Kris MacCabe – Maine Warden Service

Hitting clean up is Kris MacCabe as part of our interview series of North Woods Law Warden’s as a lead up to the North Woods Law Throwdown Softball Game. Kris is a competitive guy with a passion for the woods of Maine and the Maine Warden Service.

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Here’s What We Discuss:
The Maine Warden Services
A Name Back to 1880
Vacationland vs Live Free or Die
Search and Rescue, Police in the Woods
2 Weeks to 2.5 Year Search
A K-9 and Return to Base
Warden Search vs Volunteer Search
Sighting and False Sightings
Hunting and Search for Closure
Not a Job, It’s a Lifestyle
The Earle of Errol
The People’s Game Warden
A Warden’s Reputation – Healthy Fear
Role Reversal, Mrs MacCabe
Hunting Under the Influence
The Red Coats
My Neighbor was a Really Good Night Hunter
A Decoy and a Backyard Case
A Preemptive Warrant
A Birthday Gift with Deer All Around
The Canadian Did It
Red Handed Night Hunt
Standby to Standby, Nerve Racking
Manhunt for Corp Cole’s Killer
FBI Agents and Clearing the Cabin
North Woods Law
Game Wardens are Curious
We Always Have the Best Spots
Nothing Good Happens After Midnight
Airing in Germany, Less Commercials in Europe

011 Eric Fluette – The Job of a Game Warden – Part Two

Eric Fluette covers the north east region of New Hampshire and is the operator handler for K-9 Moxie. This is part two of a two part interview. (Part 1 here.) We discuss moose season, accidental moose shootings, scuba diving in the Caribbean, and a few rescue missions turned recovery.

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Here’s What We Discuss:
A Remarkable Moose Season
Correcting the Yup Yup
A Sick Moose in Dummer
A Double Moose Mistakenly
The Antler is Usually Attached
Long Strides and Liquid Attractant
Diving on Turks and Caicos
A 6’5″ Shark
Zero Air
Picking a Working K-9
Moxie’s First Swim
a 30.06 Case, a Legal Shot
Airboat Pre-Flight
The Airboat Team
A Dangerous Scenario, a Drowning
A Rescue or Recovery, High Emotions
The Worst Hour and Informing the Family

010 Eric Fluette – The Job of a Game Warden – Part One

Eric Fluette covers the north east region of New Hampshire and is the operator handler for K-9 Moxie. This is the first of a two part interview. We discuss the beginning of Eric’s career, to Alaska, to the seacoast of NH and eventually to northern New Hampshire. And we tell a few great stories too.

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Here’s What We Discuss:

K-9 Moxie
History and the Colonel Jordan of the Worlds
Don’t Forget the Teeth
We Can’t Remember Everyone
The Swiss Army Knife
Matt Holmes District One
NH Big Woods, Alaska Fisheries
A Two Prop Plane, Cases of Beer
A Thicker Sleeping Bag, Smolt Traps
An LL Bean Package
Salmon Salmon Salmon
Brown Bears vs Grizzly Bears
A Life Line
Becoming a Conservation Officer
Seascoast District 6 to Erroll
Protecting a Natural Resource
First Shooter Night Poacher
Throwing the Lobster Gauge in the Snow
Lobster Poaching and Proving the Case
Coastal Binos are Bigger
DEET Eats Rubber
Josiah Alewives
$2000 per Pound
Mark Hensel, The Mill Buildings and the Lamprey
A $6800 Fine in Cash
A Chunked Up Tuna
The Feds Beyond 3 Miles
We Don’t Make the Laws, We Enforce Them
Cod and Striper – A Resource Story
Coming Up Next: Eric Fluette Part II

008 Sgt Aaron Cross – Live at Cabelas

From the 2019 Maine Moose Lottery, we sat down with Sgt Aaron Cross from the Maine Warden Service. As a regular on the North Woods Law television program, Aaron has many stories to share that reflects his career as a Maine Warden, his involvement with Operation Game Thief, and International Wildlife Crime Stoppers.

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Here’s What We Discuss:
The Moose Lottery
Operation Game Thief
Hired Prior to Finishing College
Whitewater Rafting
Swift Water Training
Tricked into a Date
The Game Warden Story
Frequent Flyers and an Arrest Warrant
Walking Toward Shore, Bickering Felons
Family Member Tickets
2032 Graduation and Retirement
Night Hunting Beaver
Losing the Decoy
Locked in with a Moose Decoy and No Suspect
Another _______ Minivan
Checking the Gun, a 22 Mag is a Poacher’s Choice
Killed Before Court in a Bar Fight
Duck Hunters in Boxer Shorts
Good People Make Mistakes Too
Smelting on Kingsbury Pond
Being on the Job
How to Be a Game Warden in Maine
Knowing the Activity
A Possible Hunting Incident -Dead Guy in the Driver’s Seat
A Drug Deal Gone Bad
Cold Cases and Missing Persons
A Deer Hunting Case in March
It All Comes Around
Aug 3 Maine OGT North Woods Law Softball Game

007 Eric Hannett – Salt of the Earth

Eric Hannett is a 16 year Conservation Officer veteran of the NH Fish and Game Department covering the Monadnock region of New Hampshire. Eric is also one of the featured Game Wardens on Animal Planet’s hit television show North Woods Law. Eric says that the demands of the job are never the same and that some days he can’t believe he gets paid do his job, yet other days he says he doesn’t get paid enough.

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Here’s What We Discuss:
16 Years, Almost a Vegetarian
Riding Snowmobiles, a 700
Physically Fit, Being Injured
A 36-40 Hour Shift
Bonding and Slap Happy
The Brink of Breaking
Regular Police Work
The Keene Patrol, Adult ADD
Chased by a Moose
The Alligator in the Connecticut River
A Rescue Story on Icy Roads
Starskey and Hutch Style
Operation Ice Holes and the Panfish Plunder
1000 Fish Over the Limit
A Night Hunting Case
The Milk and Whisky Story
Cold Case from the 1970s
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Flying Ninja Kick
6 Days of Filming for a 40 minutes Segment

006 Norm Lewis – Maine Game Warden

Maine is an awesome place to be a game warden. They don’t call it Vacationland for nothing. Woods, waterways, mountains, oceans, coastline, Maine has it all. Similar to New Hampshire, Maine’s Warden Service goes hand in hand with operations along the NH border. Norm Lewis is a great warden and woodsman. He’s big, burly with a soft touch and a mean streak when needed.

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Here’s What We Discuss:
A Serious Moose Case
You Catch a Game Warden on a Bad Day
Head Lights on the Side of a Mountain
T-Shirt and Shorts Like I Own the Place
Accessory After the Fact
Are You from Canada? The Alien License
Coulda Charged Him but Didn’t
A Prominent Maine Man
Just Tell Me What You Know
I Liked the Old Guy
Forestry at Oreno
6 Inches of Dunkin Donuts Cups
It’s How You Want to Live
A Deer Decoy, a Wildlife Simulator
Few Things Trump Everything, but This Did
Jaws on the Floormats
They Must Have Stolen It
Coffee and Apple Pie
We’re Seizing the Blazer
I Could Use a New Ride
A 1973 Rusty Ford Pickup Truck
We Keep It, You Never Get It Back
The Buck from LL Bean
Becoming Administration, Not for Me
Not a Great Place to Be, IA
A Dog that Looks Like Norm
My Dog Had an Affinity for Cadavers
High Profile Serial Killer
Border Patrol, Crossing States to Get There
No Paperwork, Talking to the Press
The Road to Katahdin

005 Graham Courtney – Seacoast Game Warden

Covering the mainland is one thing, but having to cover the seacoast in addition to the mainland in a densely populated area adds a whole new dimension to being a game warden. The Joint Enforcement Agreement helps to cover an area with lots of traffic and keep the fisheries sustainable. The 13 miles of coastline in NH doesn’t seem like much, but it’s as active as any coastline area in the country with lots of commercial and recreational fisherman using these coastal waters.

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Here’s What We Discuss:

  • I Didn’t Really Want To Be a Game Warden
  • Associates Degree, Kept the Door Open
  • The Seacoast of New Hampshire
  • I Get Sea Sick
  • A 52′ Hinckley Sail Boat
  • Perfect Storm
  • We Won’t Ourselves at Risk
  • Lobstermen
  • Shell Disease 1 in 5
  • The Lobster License
  • V Notch and Egg Bearing Females
  • Deer Population of the Seacoast
  • A Concentration of People
  • Chris McKee and Training in My 40s
  • A 5 Gallon Bucket and Apples
  • Mark Hensel and a Canine
  • I’ve Never Kicked in the Doors
  • Dumpin Donuts
  • The Conservation Aspect
  • Integrating the Community
  • Soft Shell Clams
  • A Clam Rake as a Weapon
  • He’s Gonna Swim for It
  • Dave, Super Cop Fell in the Mud
  • From Fine to Felony
  • A Deputy Status
  • A Steak and Lobster Dinner

004 Lt David Gregory – One Vermont Moose Case that Became 9

We’re going to Vermont on this episode to talk to an old friend Lieutenant David Gregory.  It’s fun when as the host of the show, I also get to be the listener.  Lt. Gregory has some amazing stories to share and we were able to capture them here. I was on the edge of my seat.  Some of the stories we discuss are light hearted and some make you look life right in the face and realize that being a Game Warden is about life and death, and sometimes we’re putting our own lives on the line.

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Here’s What We Discuss:

  •  Northeast Kingdom of Vermont
  • The Old Fish Hatchery
  • Dropping Bags of Walleye
  • You’ve Bred Another F’in Game Warden
  • Montpelier Police Service
  • The Hunter Ed Trapping Tapes and a Job
  • First Big Case and Buying a Cape
  • Long Story Short, I’m Guilty
  • A Bloody Hand Print on the Mountain Dew Can
  • Got the Guy But Not the Deer
  • A Beaver Set
  • The Ones that Got Away Still Burn
  • Gotta Run Both Decoys
  • The Chase Vehicle
  • Logging Roads and Traffic Lights
  • One Case that Turned into Nine
  • Can’t Leave the State – Ruining Christmas
  • Ticketing The Pennsylvania Hunter, Still Wrong Moose
  • Getting Hot in the Kitchen
  • My Grandson Shot It – He Needs a Nitro
  • An .06 Muzzle Flash at Night at 3 Steps
  • Crossbows Part of an Aging Trend
  • A Drowning in the Connecticut River
  • The Last Hole and the Underwater Camera
  • Down 30-40 Jobs
  • Training with Sargent Jewett
  • Looking Into the Son’s Eyes and Backing Out, Backing Up
  • An Assaulted Officer, Just Leave
  • To Disarm a Police Officer