117 Let’s Go For a Ride – with Bill Livezey

For twenty years, Bill Livezey led a double life rubbing shoulders with some of Maine’s worst wildlife offenders; the kinds of people who not only live by the poacher’s mantra “if it’s brown, it’s down,” but many who were dangerously unstable felons, alcoholics, and drug abusers – his success at putting bad guys out of business stemming largely from his early years as one of them. Since retiring in 2020 as the Maine Warden Service’s longest-tenured covert operative, he has co-written Let’s Go For a Ride, a captivating chronicle of both a life undercover, and a life transformed.

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Here’s what we discuss:

  • “Let’s go for a ride” – the universal bad guy code
  • Desire for wealth sent his father down a dark road
  • From successful businessman to meth dealer
  • Hired a hit man to kill his own brother
  • Ultimately died in a confrontation with police
  • Young Bill loved sports and the outdoors, but was using drugs regularly by 15
  • Spiraling out of control: “I was broken.”
  • Positive influences and an invitation from a teammate changed everything
  • Unity college and riding with the game warden
  • An extra-long warden service polygraph
  • Applying as many times as it takes
  • The young game warden who knew all the tricks
  • Experience as a juvenile lent itself to undercover work
  • Befriending, then arresting poachers was a psychological struggle
  • “Pull over! I’m an undercover game warden!”
  • Relationships have to feel real; some were easy, some not so much
  • Undercover work was difficult to step away from
  • Some cases were especially taxing
  • The fear of being discovered
  • The book brings the reader into each case


Hosts: Wayne Saunders and John Nores

Producer: Jay Ammann

Art & Design: Ashley Hannett

Research / Content Coordinator: Stacey DesRoches


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