044 John Nores and the California Bear Poaching Case

From the Nancy Foley podcast stemmed a conversation with John about a bear poaching case that needed exploration.  John and Wayne discuss a case in California that started as a small time investigation of bear poaching that lead to convictions on numerous game and firearm violations. The case expanded into a large scale illegal guiding service and John went undercover to crack the case wide open.

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  • The California Case
  • The Fires, The Back Country is Burning
  • Cartel Marijuana Operation A Holy Grail Wildlife Case
  • Wild Hogs to Black Pair Poaching
  • Chipper, a Career Poacher, and a Cartel Grow
  • No Guide License, with a Business Card
  • Anxious to Make that Case, Timing is Everything
  • Patience, Let the Case Develop
  • Covert Surveillance
  • An Undercover Bear Hunt
  • More and More Accomplices
  • Monster Black Bear in Cali – No Hibernation
  • Not Grabbing the Low Hanging Fruit
  • 3 Season with a Houndsman
  • Breaking Bread, In Camp, Undercover
  • Getting into their Comfort Zone
  • Convicted Felony with a Firearm, Among Many other Charges
  • Wild Justice Started Just After, Hard to Go Undercover
  • Mourning the Loss of Ability to Go UC
  • That’s My Bear
  • How Long Do You Work a Case?
  • MET was Built Shortly Thereafter
  • Excited More Than Normal
  • Easter Egg Search Warrant
  • The Bragging was All True
  • Park Rangers
  • The Giant Sequoias and the Sherman Tree

016 Sgt Todd Szewczyk

Todd Szewczyk is a retired Sargent with NH Fish and Game. Todd shared a similar timeline as Wayne did and has many colorful stories to tell about life on the job as a Game Warden. We cover a near death experience, snorkeling for pagers, and a new phenomenon -investigation using Facebook.

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Here’s What We Discuss:
The End of a Career
Col Joel Wilkinson – Maine Warden Service
Rochester, New York ’til Age 12
A Vet, Too Much School
University of New Hampshire Wildlife Management
Special Agents Have Good Stories
Black Eyed Peas
A Class in 1990
Milford PD, The Only Fish and Game Officer
Painting the Camp, a Chevy Blazer
The One that Got Away and an Alibi
Mass vs NH, Muzzleloader vs Firearm vs Felon
Marijuana Dealer and a Search Warrant
The Investigator, and Lies
The Truth Gets the Breaks
He Is Freakin’ Night Hunting! in a Caravan…
Statue of Limitations and Facebook
A Snow Mobile Story, A Near Death Experience
Hopping in the Trail, a Durable Employee
Sliding Like an Otter
Snorkeling for a Pager
A Mass Case, A Spot of Blood, and 4 Cases from 1
The Trail Camera Case, Rifle VS Shotgun
Kyle and Brian – The Kids of a Game Warden
The Alphabet

014 Jen Wolf – Michigan DNR

Jen Wolf is with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and has seen a variety of work over the last 21 years. Jen has spent time on the Michigan State Police, as a VCO and also was involved in the environment enforcement of the Flint Michigan Water Quality issue. Physical fitness is a priority for Jen and she says that the job has always had it’s challenges, but says your reaction is how you keep chaos under control.

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Here’s What We Discuss:
Jen Wolf, DNR, 21 Years
Pushups, Physical Fitness
Michigan State Police
Travers City, Michigan
VCO – Volunteer Conservation Officer
City Game Warden
As Good at a 25 Year Old Man
Pigeon River Forest
Checking Licenses
Car Stuck Where Trucks Go
Pressures of the Job, Understanding
Pollution Control and Environmental Protection
Federal and State
Water Quality to Fish and Wildlife
Trust, Flynt Michigan Water Issue
Finally the Truth, Bring it to Prosecution
Order to Chaos
Water Patterns are Cyclical, Look at History
Long Term Solutions, Not Short Term
Woods Water Seasons
Dealing with Good People and Bad People
Being Treated Differently
It’s All How You React to It
I’m Capable
The Dispatch Center
Regional Rep, 250 Officers
We Are Hiring
Never a Line at the Bathroom

013 Grant Hacking – Wildlife Artist

Grant Hacking a world renowned wildlife artist and whom the International Wildlife Crime Stoppers call their own. Grant’s pieces sell for from $1,000 to $30,000. Grant’s prints can often be seen on the covers of well know wildlife magazines like Gray’s Sporting Journal and Safari Magazine.

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Here’s What We Discuss:
A Passion for Conservation
Conservation, Not Preservation
A Leopard and a Sable
A Fancy Way for Prints
Imagination, for Settings and Scenes
4 Galleries, 2 Major Shows
Money into Conservation
Listening to Hunters, Describing the Scenery
Magical Childhood
Starving Artists, Making Money
Ducks, Ducks, and Duck Stamps
Not Canadian, Canada Geese
Gulls, not Seagulls
North American Animal Learning Curves
Guy Harvey
I’m a Bit of a Snob
The Print Market is Amazing
22 Years
$1000 to $30,000
Why Would They Shoot a Peregrine Falcon
Dangerous Stuff, Crazy Stories

010 Eric Fluette – The Job of a Game Warden – Part One

Eric Fluette covers the north east region of New Hampshire and is the operator handler for K-9 Moxie. This is the first of a two part interview. We discuss the beginning of Eric’s career, to Alaska, to the seacoast of NH and eventually to northern New Hampshire. And we tell a few great stories too.

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Here’s What We Discuss:

K-9 Moxie
History and the Colonel Jordan of the Worlds
Don’t Forget the Teeth
We Can’t Remember Everyone
The Swiss Army Knife
Matt Holmes District One
NH Big Woods, Alaska Fisheries
A Two Prop Plane, Cases of Beer
A Thicker Sleeping Bag, Smolt Traps
An LL Bean Package
Salmon Salmon Salmon
Brown Bears vs Grizzly Bears
A Life Line
Becoming a Conservation Officer
Seascoast District 6 to Erroll
Protecting a Natural Resource
First Shooter Night Poacher
Throwing the Lobster Gauge in the Snow
Lobster Poaching and Proving the Case
Coastal Binos are Bigger
DEET Eats Rubber
Josiah Alewives
$2000 per Pound
Mark Hensel, The Mill Buildings and the Lamprey
A $6800 Fine in Cash
A Chunked Up Tuna
The Feds Beyond 3 Miles
We Don’t Make the Laws, We Enforce Them
Cod and Striper – A Resource Story
Coming Up Next: Eric Fluette Part II

009 Greg Sirpis – Maine’s Operation Game Thief

Poaching is no different than stealing from a grocery store. Backed by the members of Maine’s Operation Game Thief (OGT), Greg Sirpis strives to lead Maine’s charge against poachers.  As Chairman of the Board for Maine’s OGT, Greg’s mission is to protect Maine’s natural resources. By organizing and promoting, educating, and making reporting easier for everyone, Greg hopes to catch one poacher at a time and reduce the number of animals and fish that are illegally taken in Maine every year.

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Here’s What We Discuss:

  • Upcoming Softball Game
  • Operation Game Thief
  • Wildlife Crimes Stoppers
  • Turning in a Poacher, Anonymously
  • Rewards, Most Don’t Want the Money
  • A Passion for Catching Bad Guys
  • Greg’s Start with OGT
  • An Opportunity for Cabela’s to Lead the Charge
  • It’s a Full Time Job
  • New Content – Live Streams
  • A Non-Profit That Represents
  • Friends of OGT
  • Educational Committee, The Ethics
  • 25,000 Deer Taken Illegally in Maine
  • Poaching is No Different Than Stealing
  • 1 800 Alert Us to a 411 App
  • Limited Amount of Resources
  • Quality Information
  • Eleven Volunteers
  • The Moose Lottery on a Weekend
  • Aug 3rd, Hadlock Field, North Woods Throwdown
  • International Wildlife Crime Stoppers
  • Northeast Wildlife Conference
  • Africa Fighting Tooth and Nail
  • Coyotes – Losing the Balance
  • Hard to Measure
  • Coming Up Next: Eric Fluette