072 Benny Richards – Texas

Benny Richards is a former Game Warden for Hunt County, Texas. Richards worked for over 25 years for the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife, and is well known for his appearances on “Lone Star Law”. During his time as a warden, he earned accomplishments such as the Texas Parks and Wildlife Officer of the Year (2015) and the Shikar-Safari International Wildlife Officer of the year award. In this episode, Wayne interviews Benny on his role as a Texas warden and the stories of “Lone Star Law”.

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Here’s What We Discuss:

  • “Tales of a Texas Game Warden” by Benny Richards
  • Virtual book signing: December 2nd at 7:00pm
  • Recently retired
  • Everything is real
  • New season of Lone Star Law is coming
  • Game warden and peace officer
  • First interaction with a game warden
  • Different trails
  • Cocaine in the taxi cab
  • Dirty deeds under the cover of dark
  • Trip to jail makes them pass out
  • Phones change everything
  • Moving the bucket
  • Watch to get evidence
  • Wardens answer more than just outdoor calls
  • Housing development
  • Landowner permission
  • Diverse environment 
  • Upcoming children’s book
  • Moose antler

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  1. If Mr. Richards happens to be around Texarkana Arkansas on March 17, 2023, I am having my husband’s 80th birthday at Pop’s Place restaurant. That would be a great present.

  2. Thanks to.all Texas game wardens I’m on dialysis 7days a week and it sure helps watching the show

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