045 Matt Holmes – Part I

Matt Holmes, a NH Fish and Game Conservation Officer and regular on North Woods Law, jumps in the pick up truck with Wayne this week to talk about Matt’s career as a Game Warden.  Wayne and Matt go way back and have lots of stories to tell on this episode.

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Here’s What We Discuss:

  • Shooting and teaching hunter safety
  • Not loosing face with the court
  • Integrity
  • A Short Burst of Automatic Fire
  • Losing a Wheel on the Cruiser
  • A Repeater and the Cats Out of the Bag
  • I’m Not from Maine, Despite the NH Accent
  • Typing Skills, Old Fashion Man in Modern World
  • Driving with Code 3
  • Robert’s Brook Washout
  • We All Bring a Skill Set
  • Multiple Does in Parts and 22 Bullets
  • Irate Because a Deer Was Wasted
  • Hit Em, Hit Em Simultaneously
  • A White Suite and Moose Necropsy
  • Only One Party Didn’t Return the 2nd Weekend
  • Mass Residence Listing Their Firearms
  • The Perfect Villain
  • Own Up When You Mess Up
  • How You Act After the Fact Determines Your Fate
  • No Short Way to the Summit
  • Glen Is Grumpy about It
  • Ed Bacon, Perfect Storm of Misery
  • Mount Lafayette

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