046 Matt Holmes Part II – The OHRV Crash

Matt Holmes, a NH Fish and Game Conservation Officer and regular on North Woods Law, jumps in the pick up truck with Wayne to talk more about Matt’s career as a Game Warden.  They discuss in detail Matt’s OHRV crash that occurred in June 2020 while on radar patrol.  Special narration and commentary from Bob Mancini.

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Here’s What We Discuss:

  • Evolution of OHRV Riding in NH
  • The North Woods Law Crew
  • The Bear that Killed the Chickens
  • A Errant Discharge of a High Power Rifle
  • 2 Vehicle Crash, Running Radar
  • Connecting with Bob Mancini
  • 2 Side By Sides at Excessive Speed
  • Blue Lights On
  • A Red and White Collision
  • Did I Break My Back? Can I Breath?
  • Familiar Faces in the ER
  • Pain Level
  • Physical Therapy and Back to Work
  • My Favorite Trainee
  • Just Wanted to Clarify that Your Not From Maine

One thought on “046 Matt Holmes Part II – The OHRV Crash

  1. Wayne, you did a remarkable job with this podcast. Thank you. I understand the brotherhood that you, Matt and Bob explained so well. I worked closely and in this world. The family is so strong. I love getting to know all of you guys and love you all.
    I wish I had known that the best men were in New Hampshire! Lol.

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