044 John Nores and the California Bear Poaching Case

From the Nancy Foley podcast stemmed a conversation with John about a bear poaching case that needed exploration.  John and Wayne discuss a case in California that started as a small time investigation of bear poaching that lead to convictions on numerous game and firearm violations. The case expanded into a large scale illegal guiding service and John went undercover to crack the case wide open.

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  • The California Case
  • The Fires, The Back Country is Burning
  • Cartel Marijuana Operation A Holy Grail Wildlife Case
  • Wild Hogs to Black Pair Poaching
  • Chipper, a Career Poacher, and a Cartel Grow
  • No Guide License, with a Business Card
  • Anxious to Make that Case, Timing is Everything
  • Patience, Let the Case Develop
  • Covert Surveillance
  • An Undercover Bear Hunt
  • More and More Accomplices
  • Monster Black Bear in Cali – No Hibernation
  • Not Grabbing the Low Hanging Fruit
  • 3 Season with a Houndsman
  • Breaking Bread, In Camp, Undercover
  • Getting into their Comfort Zone
  • Convicted Felony with a Firearm, Among Many other Charges
  • Wild Justice Started Just After, Hard to Go Undercover
  • Mourning the Loss of Ability to Go UC
  • That’s My Bear
  • How Long Do You Work a Case?
  • MET was Built Shortly Thereafter
  • Excited More Than Normal
  • Easter Egg Search Warrant
  • The Bragging was All True
  • Park Rangers
  • The Giant Sequoias and the Sherman Tree

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