91 Sean Spencer – Utah

Sean Spencer is a Sergeant with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. After 14 years patrolling in some of the most remote and most populous areas of the Beehive State, he’s dealt with a wide variety of people, wildlife, and problems. In this episode from the North American Wildlife Enforcement Officers Association conference (NAWEOA) in Tennessee, he and our hosts discuss planning for next year’s conference, some of his memorable experiences, and much more!

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Here’s what we discuss:

  • Busy organizing NAWEOA 2023
  • Plan extra time to see the state
  • The “Mighty Five” national parks
  • First encounter with a game warden
  • Discovered the outdoors as a teen in Texas
  • Importance of balancing home and work life
  • Moving from a remote district to an urban one
  • Prime hunting only 30 minutes from home
  • Public safety vs. preservation
  • A memorable baiting case
  • Not every case results in a conviction
  • Growing population numbers create new challenges


Hosts: Wayne Saunders and John Nores

Producer: Jay Ammann

Art & Design: Ashley Hannett

Content Coordinator: Stacey DesRoches


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031 Elk Poacher – A Current Case in Utah

In the first episode with John Nores Jr as co-host, we explore a bizarre active and open elk poaching case in Utah.  That means we need your help.  We discuss the details of the case, the weapons used, and the rewards that are growing for information regarding this case. We also discuss the co-venture between Wayne and John, a new podcast found solely on Patreon called Thin Green Line found Thin Green Line Podcast.

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Here’s What We Discuss:

  • Doing and Teaching
  • Teamwork
  • A California Warden
  • Fired Up, Disgusting Poacher
  • GoFundMe
  • Corona Virus Monkey Wrench
  • Thin Green Line and Fans of North Woods Law
  • Triple Threat
  • JJ123 – Glastone Family
  • Hotline and Ski Resort
  • Dead of Winter
  • Chad Betridge – Utah
  • 5×5 Bulls
  • Shooting Elk with a 22
  • Hearing is Seeing – Critical Info
  • $40k in Rewards for Info
  • A Peregrine Falcon and Operation Game Thief
  • The Virus in Utah
  • Lock Down
  • Living in the Woods, Internet Service
  • Let’s Catch This Guy