043 Dennis Amsden – Vermont Fish and Wildlife Game Warden

Dennis Amsden was a Lieutenant and Game Warden with the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Service.  Dennis served with the Vermont Fish and Wildlife for 20 years and was involved in many cases over the years, from the high profile media cases to the everyday poaching incident. He shares with us his journey over his career, shares details about several memorable investigations, and hints on where he’d like to go in retirement.

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Here’s What We Discuss:

  • Operation Game Thief – Stealing Video Games
  • From a Family Not into Outdoor Sporting
  • A Subscription to Outdoor Life
  • Moving to Dixie When Retirement Comes
  • Trouble Over Enthusiasm
  • I Hope Glen Lucas is Listening
  • Nobody Becomes a Game Warden for Paperwork
  • Greater St Johnsbury Area
  • Seeing All the Warden’s Work as a Supervisor
  • First Memorable Case
  • Video Tape Date Stamps
  • A Warrant and Experienced Wardens
  • Other Criminal Activities Overlap Poaching
  • 5lbs of Marijuana
  • Leaving a Decoy Out Overnight
  • Another Case on Lake Champlain
  • Walleye and Ducks – Game Laws and Keeping Up
  • High Profile Case – Investigating a Shooting
  • An ATV and Voices
  • Less and Less Poaching Being Handing Down by Generation
  • You Get More Info By Making Friends, First Name Basis
  • A Rich Man from Experience
  • It’s Not all Tickets and Handcuffs
  • 3am Wake Ups, Spouses, Kids
  • Search and Rescue and Training 

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