042 Nancy Foley – Former Division Chief California Department of Fish and Game

Chief Nancy Foley spent 25 years in various capacities within the Law Enforcement Division. She was instrumental in raising the profile of California game wardens by securing better and more clearly marked patrol vehicles, developing the K-9 program and helping get National Geographic Channel’s Wild Justice, a show featuring California game wardens, to the airwaves. Foley was selected as the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies’ (WAFWA) Professional of the Year in 2011.

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  • Badge #1
  • International Reach
  • Stopping Wildlife Trafficking
  • The NET Team – West Coast
  • It’s a Team Effort
  • Each Division Has a Piece of the Puzzle to Solve the Crime
  • Dedicated Helicopter Teams
  • Cameras Are a Positive Impact – Wild Justice Positive
  • Influences of North Woods Law
  • Applications for Game Warden’s Jobs Thru the Roof
  • It’s a Draw on the Officers – Burn Out, It’s Tough
  • A Case of Complications – After Search Warrant Issued
  • A Hiking Incident on Mt Whitney
  • A Game Warden Truck
  • You Don’t Meet the Applicant Requirement – Wait We Made a Mistake
  • Hire Process Changed – Hidden Barriers
  • Non-Hunting, Non-Fishing Backgrounds
  • The Wildlife Took Him Out of NYC – Abe
  • Diversity
  • Covert Reptile Investigations
  • Abalone Investigations in California – High $$$ Value
  • Undercover Game Warden Work and Surveillance
  • Follow the Suspect and Abalone Poaching West Coast $200,000
  • Poaching Income Chinatown
  • Can’t Sit in the Car
  • Hundreds of Cases
  • Public Safety Responsibility
  • A Vision of the Game Department – Unfinished Business
  • Get the Ball Rolling – Back Country High Risk Operations
  • Becoming a Foundation Board Member
  • An Endowment, Scholarships, Expediting Funds to those in Need
  • Resource Protection, Taking Care of the Environment Protecting Natural Resources, Water, Habitat

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  1. Listened to this one today. The part about the hidden barriers in the hiring process, and specifically how she was treated by some on the job and the one who thought she took their position… gut wrenching. This should be required listening for everyone in law enforcement and beyond.

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