041 Senator Jack Bailey – Striped Bass Regulation Starts in Maryland

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Here’s What We Discuss:

  • Former Game Warden
  • Commercial Fishing Chesapeake Bay and Mountains in the West
  • Striped Bass Emotions Sometimes Trumps Science in Politics
  • Oysters Poached from MD and Sold in Virginia, Boats and Gun Fights 1900s
  • A Striped Bass Spawning Zone and Nursery Early 2000 IWTF
  • Prosecuted Thru DOJ in DC Federal Court Undercover Operation Striped Bass
  • 3 Jurisdictions with Different Requirements
  • Always an Excuse, Under Recording
  • Only 2 Fisherman were Following the Rules
  • $1.7 Million Restitution and Jail Time
  • Sources of Information in Other States
  • Self Recording Requirements Changed
  • This is Just a Fish, You Can’t Be Serious
  • It’s a Crime Against People, not the Fish
  • Harming the Resources
  • East Coast Commercial Fishery – Huge Economic Value
  • Working with Delaware and Sharing Information
  • Always a Risk Between Recreational and Commercial
  • A Game Warden Story
  • Future Legislation

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