040 Greg Bartles – Maryland DNR – Historian

Today’s Maryland Department of Natural Resources has its roots in the Maryland Oyster Police, which began in 1868 to regulate oyster harvesting on the Chesapeake Bay. Greg Bartles spent most of his career protecting Maryland’s parks and open lands as a natural resources police officer. Now retired, he’s using part of his land to share the story of the state’s conservation efforts.

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Here’s What We Discuss in this Episode:

  • Western Maryland Hunting and Fishing
  • Natural Resources Fish and Game Officer
  • Working as a Street Officer, but the Woods were calling
  • Oyster Police and Oyster Wars
  • Muddy Rocks
  • Skip Jacks and Drudge Boats
  • 15 Million Bushels in the 1880, and Aquaculture
  • Waterfowl Hunting in the Chesapeake Bay
  • History of the Agency DNR
  • Reproduction of Patches
  • 1865 Oyster Law Changes
  • Hunter Davidson – Steam Powered Boat and a Howitzer
  • Oyster Pirates – Rifles vs Cannons
  • A Violent Time over Oysters
  • If you Want to Catch a Poacher, You’re Gonna Get Shot at
  • Borrowing Gatlin Guns from the Military Academy
  • 1930s Small High Speed Illegal Dredges
  • Bring a Bigger Gun to Win the Fight
  • A Back Breaking Winter Job, German Immigrants,
  • Kidnapped and Slave Labor
  • 1968 Wildlife Officer, 1971 Marine Police Combined
  • 1990s Everyone Got Cars
  • Gordon Barnes
  • The Corporal’s Job
  • Learning to Adapt and Overcome
  • A Boating Accident
  • 13 Drownings
  • Life Jackets Life Jackets Life Jackets
  • Hunter Orange Hunter Orange
  • Rifles for Turkeys
  • Reserve Officers and Lost Hunters
  • Private Collection Turned Museum

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