039 Fish and Game K-9 Units Part II

Conservation Canines or “K-9s” are a unique tool to assist Fish and Game Law Enforcement in their investigations, apprehension of violators, and conducting search and rescue missions. Conservation Officers work with their canine partners conducting tracks, area searches, evidence detection, fish and wildlife detection, and search and rescue activities. This is Part 2 of a 2 Part Series.  We share stories in this episode with Eric Fluette K-9 Moxie, Ken St.Pierre as a future handler, Bob Mancini and K-9 Ruger, and Col Kevin Jordan about the origins of the program in New Hampshire.

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Hunt of a Lifetime


Maine’s Operation Game Thief

NH Wildlife Heritage

International Wildlife Crime Stoppers

Here’s What We Discuss:

  • K-9 Moxie
  • Losing Ruby
  • Moxie and North Woods Law
  • The Moxie in the Fridge
  • A Yellow Lab Learning to Swim
  • Training and Traveling to Vermont
  • Moxie’s First Find, First Case
  • Say Hi! on Camera
  • Slowing Down Moxie’s Meal
  • Learning to Track
  • A Black and Chocolate Lab
  • Names Winnie, Fin, Lake, Maple
  • K-9 Ruger
  • Eight in October
  • Utilizing Food to Perform
  • A K-9 Ruger Case
  • Recovering a Track
  • Dogs are a Force Multiplier
  • A Sabbatical 2017
  • Sugar Hill
  • Shell Casings and a Homocide
  • Criminals and Evidence Detection
  • Why Labs?
  • Gun Powder, Human Scent, Venison, Turkey and Fish
  • Raise Money to Get a Dog
  • Ruger and Ruger Firearms
  • Mark Hensel
  • The Colonel, Kevin Jordan
  • Beagles, Hounds, Shepherds, and Pomeranians
  • Shelby
  • Animal Planet
  • 4-H Dog Programs
  • Ruby Paved the Way
  • A Hard Day When Ruby Passed
  • We Got ‘Em All Back
  • K-9 Funded Thru Donation
  • Non-Profit
  • Getting More Dogs: One in Each District
  • Wayne’s Dog
  • 4-H Congress

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