028 Glen Lucas – Snowmobile Patrol Part II – Snow Machines, Investigations, Accidents, and Pursuits

This is part two of a two part series with Glen Lucas, a regular on North Woods Law.  Around the time when deer season ends and the snow starts to stick,  snowmobilers from all around start to flock to where the trails are deep and fast.  And, because of the design of the Warden’s duties in New Hampshire, so begins a new season of law enforcement.   Glen shares several new stories in this episode including snow machine accident investigations, high speed pursuits, and a ride with the Governor of New Hampshire.

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Here’s What We Discuss:

  • I Can’t Remember Losing a Runner
  • Tracking Sleds
  • Blue Lights, Sirens, and a Trail Groomer
  • An Indy Trail Junker
  • A Typical Wednesday, Fun and Rewarding
  • Closing Trails, Economic Problems, Loud Pipes
  • Enforcement, Landowner, Club to Game Warden
  • I Lost 6 Pounds Off My Trail Weight
  • The 74.40 Club and the 248 Club
  • A Search Warrant for a Loud Exhaust
  • I Bought It That Way
  • A Track Record of Lying and Thieving
  • First Responder and First Aid
  • A Non-Responsive, Non-Breathing Call
  • Homicide? Negligent Homicide?
  • He Was Left There to Die
  • Just Give Me a Direction
  • Coming Down, Had to Educate, Returning Respect
  • Cookie Cutter Cases to Something Isn’t Right
  • Mumbling Fumbling Impaired, Where’s the Helmet?
  • He Ran Over His Buddy
  • Calling In the Crime Lab
  • A Non Fudge-able Piece of Evidence
  • See a Crack, Work It
  • Not Funded by General Funds
  • Changing Behavior and Education
  • Chris Sununu Riding Snowmobiles in the North Country
  • The Governor’s Ride
  • The County Attorney

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