027 Glen Lucas – The Snowmobile Patrol – Part One

Around the time when deer season ends and the snow starts to stick, snowmobilers from all around start to flock to where the trails are deep and fast. And, because of the design of the Warden’s duties in New Hampshire, so begins a new season of law enforcement. Glen Lucas knows the snow machine season in NH very well. It’s arguably the most dangerous part of a NH warden’s job. Glen shares several stories and a detailed account of two high speed snow machine chases that eventually led to convictions.

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Here’s What We Discuss:

  • Off Highway Rec Vehicles
  • Creating a Snow Machine Training Course
  • A Gun Fight on a Snowmobile
  • Cover, Track for Protection form Gun Fire
  • Mock Chase, Cover, Concelment
  • Crimes on Snowmobiles, Bank Robbery
  • Riding in Bad Conditions
  • Where Warden’s Get Together
  • Learning to Turn, Off Trail Trending
  • Snowmobiling in the 1980s
  • Nash Stream
  • Riding at 60mph, Mom
  • 1000 Miles Is Fun, But the People
  • District 2, Maine Border
  • Just Wayne Saunders
  • Black Mach Z
  • Reaction is Good with Experience
  • It’s Been a Great Career Glenn
  • Not a Maine Warden
  • District 1, Lancaster
  • Snodeo and a Red Bull Helmet
  • Calculating Risk Vs Return
  • A 15 Miles Chase to the Upper Ammonoosuc River
  • In the Horse Pasture, Search the Perimeter
  • Mr Hand and a Glass of Water
  • We Don’t like to Lose
  • Jail for 7 Months Forfeit of Snowmobiles
  • Lying is a Misdemeanor
  • Stay Safe, But Work Hard
  • Reciprocity Weekend
  • Riding with Bob – Transfer to Invesigator
  • 1000s of Sleds
  • Eagles Nest
  • Orange Sled Skiis
  • Marijuana in Plain Site
  • Stop or You Will Be Tased

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