029 John Nores Jr – Hidden War – Reclaiming Wildlands from Drug Cartels

California game warden Lt. John Nores, Jr., now retired, has been at the forefront and on the front lines of an under-reported battle against thousands of drug cartel members who grow toxic marijuana on U.S. soil. Not only does black market marijuana cultivation undermine legitimate growers, but it endangers lives and wildlife populations unimagined. Wayne breaks down the book Hidden War with Author John Nores Jr.

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Here’s What We Discuss:

  • Dead Frogs and Fish
  • Someone Is Stealing Water
  • Little Marijuana Plants Cartel North of the Border
  • Working with Narcotics Task Force
  • Winter Run Off, Human Feces, Nitrates in the Stream
  • A $20 Million Operation
  • New Wildlife Enemy – The Drug Cartel
  • Man, Game Wardens Are Good in the Woods
  • What Planet are you From?
  • Poor Horse, Dumb Kids
  • Late Season Poacher Patrol – Career Path Change
  • Outrage from the Organic Community
  • Earth Warriors
  • Don’t Underestimate the Enemy
  • Always Being Recorded, They Saw Me Pee
  • Cell Cameras and Drug Growers
  • Most Poachers Don’t Shoot Back
  • Most Are Allies with a Gun
  • But, Drug Traffickers Will Shoot Back
  • Unique K-9s Units to Smell the Enemy
  • 3 Hour Wait, Patrol Partner Shot
  • Hunting Bad Guys, with Snipers
  • Thing Were Too Quiet
  • Bad Guy God Off One Shot
  • Trauma 101, M14 Battle Rifle
  • Hard Reset, Memory Training
  • Divine Intervention
  • No Air Support, Bleeding to Death
  • Trespassing Drug Growers, a Different Mindset
  • K-9s, K-9s, K-9s
  • Thin Green Line Podcast

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