026 Praveed “Abe” Abraham – Warden Pennsylvania Game Commission

Praveed “Abe” Abraham’s journey to Game Warden is unique.  Abe’s travel’s began in India as a young man and then to Yonkers, New York in the concrete jungle.  Abe always knew that he loved the outdoors and wildlife and on a chance, applied to be a game warden.  Not long after Abe found himself at the Academy and he’s never looked back. Abe is the first ethnic Game Warden in Pennsylvania.

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Here’s What We Discuss:

  • The Park and Nature
  • Guyana – Hunting in the Jungle
  • Concrete Jungle
  • Waffle House and Farming
  • Hamburg PA
  • I Move Away from India
  • XYZ, Dead Deer Training
  • Calling Yonkers
  • I Got In
  • Boarding School Prep for the Academy
  • The First Ethnic Warden
  • 51 Weeks, A Specific and Special Place
  • Acronyms
  • Game Warden Aren’t Going to be Millionaires
  • Law of the Woods
  • If Everything was Sunshine and Rainbows
  • Sprayed with Mace
  • The Pochonos Love Capital
  • A Huge Bear Population
  • A Bear at Hunter’s Safety Classes

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