025 Jim Cyrs – New Hampshire Game Warden, Snowologist & North Woods Law

Jim Cyrs is a New Hampshire Game Warden, Conservation Officer, a frequent guest on North Woods Law, and holds a degree in snow science.  Jim works the north country of New Hampshire when the snow gets deep and the terrain gets rugged, especially around Mount Washington.  Jim shares several stories of intriguing cases that he’s investigated during his time with NH Fish and Game.

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Here’s What We Discuss:

  • A Metal Detector and a Bear Case
  • Not a Bear Problem, It’s a People Problem
  • 5 to 6 Feet of Snow in June
  • Snow in July on Mt Washington
  • A Degree in Snow Science, Snowology
  • Biogeography
  • Mt Washington Park Ranger
  • Don’t Open Two Doors at Once
  • The Androscoggin Rescue Team
  • Dinner on the Peak
  • Low Grade Rock Climbing
  • World’s Worst Weather
  • 3 Different Weather Fronts and the Jet Stream
  • 3700′ Tree Line in NH vs 8000′ Treeline Western States
  • The Lost Beaver
  • A Profession in the Outdoors
  • The Wild River and Town of Hastings
  • A Record for Carrying Stuff
  • Calm, Collective, Serious – Bill Hastings
  • Offering a Handshake post Ticket
  • Only Night Hunting Failure
  • Protecting Landowners
  • Building and Illegal Snowmobile Trail
  • Breaking Federal Laws
  • Worth with Us, We’ll Work with You
  • A Credit Card Warrant
  • Foot Patrol, Prosecutor, Investigator
  • Building a Solid Case
  • Search and Rescue and Fitness
  • Cotton Kills when Wet
  • Hypothermia
  • Game Wardens in Sweden
  • POB Beacon Hits and Personal Locators
  • Snow All December
  • Tree Wells 10 Feet Down
  • 65lbs Packs
  • Follow the River
  • A GPS

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