018 Mark Rutkowski – The Bear Trap

Mark Rutkowski is one of six supervisors for the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Mark started out as a deputy and eventually worked his way into a full time Warden. Mark has been involved in many interesting game thief investigations over the years in a state with a rich tradition of hunting. Mark shares with us many stories on this episode.

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Here’s What We Discuss:

One of 6 in the State of PA
The Deputy Program 325
There for Resources Not Money
Special Tactical Team
Rhodesian Army
Being Comfortable in the Woods
The Creek Thing
The Bear Trap
A Conservation Land, Sweeping for Mines, Open for Hunting
Paramedic in Scranton
10 Deputies that Became Game Wardens
On the Job Training
A Culture
1% of the Hunting Population in PA
1st Day Deer Season is Like Xmas
Saturday Afternoon after Thanksgiving
Hunting Tradition and Participation
A Sportsmen’s Meeting, Antler Restrictions
Poacher, Killing Several Hundred Deer
Ring Bologna – A Christmas Sausage
A Stolen Car, Another Poacher
Chop Shop and Burglary
An Attorney on Retainer, Career Criminal
Three Point Restrictions, Controversial to Support
800+ lbs Black Bear, Pike County
25 Group Hunting Parties, But No Baiting
Half Finished Mounts, Stolen Mounts
Two Hides, Cutting Tags, He Ratted On Himself

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