019 David Loewen – Montana Fish and Wildlife – Chief Law Enforcement

David Loewen spent time in the US Coast Guard stationed in California, mostly chasing drug crime. His post Coast Guard career lead him back to Montana to protect the wildlife in the land only second to the wildness of Alaska. David shares with us many stories of poachers and about the dangers that the job presents.

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Here’s What We Discuss:
Time in the Coast Guard – Cali to Montana
A College Fund and Marine Biology
Relying on a Team
A Rural District to a Populated One
From the Baby Warden to the SGT
15 Year on the Ground Prepping for Chief
Horses, Horse District, Water, Water District
A Headless Elk
Shot During the 3rd Qtr of the Superbowl
A Jeep and an RMEF License Plate
Getting Stale 24 Hours Later
Rolling in Hot, Elk Head Raid 5AM
Trophy Restitution, and Fines
TIP Program, Turn in a Poacher
Sharing Info, Tax Fraud, and License Fraud
Resources to Investigate
Answering to the IRS instead of the State of Montana
The Best Fishing in the United States
Delist the Grizzly
Losing 9 Officers, It’s Dangerous
Reading People, Body Language
Managing Situations Verbally
Verbal Judo
More to Hunting than Shooting an Animal
Online Hunter Ed vs Classroom
Montana is a Great Place

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