017 John Nores – Before the Weed

Before John Nores retired and wrote his book Hidden Wars, he was a Game Warden for the State of California.  There he trained and learned and developed his skills that would eventually take him to a special task force called MET- Marijuana Enforcement Team.  Through MET, John dealt with thousands of members of drug cartels where he discovered that the cartel operations were growing toxic marijuana, destroying habitats and natural resources, and leaving behind an environmental disaster.

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Here’s What We Discuss:

  • The Trailblazer, a Pioneer
  • 28 Year as a Game Warden
  • Cartel Growers, Marijuana Tactical Groups
  • California Academy Days
  • 4 Years on the Civilian List
  • California was Focused on Preservation on Conservation
  • Unity instead of Polarization
  • It Got Western Quick
  • CA Based Gang Bangers After 11pm
  • AK, 10-22, Assault Shotguns
  • Illegal Guns, Dead Animals, A Shooting Game
  • 1983, Spotlighting Cases
  • Now Thermal Imaging
  • Back Burner, Front Burner
  • Joe Rogan Show, Thin Green Line
  • General Public Doesn’t Understand the Game Warden Job
  • Illegal Baiting Cases, Known for Tactics
  • FBI Certified Shooting School, SWAT
  • Becoming an Outdoors Woman Program
  • Humility and Appreciation is the Key
  • Marijuana Specialized Department Team
  • 5-6 Week Baiting Case
  • Too Dark for Gen 2 Night Vision
  • A Major Wake UP Call, Blood Trail, and 2 Arrests
  • Navigation in the Dark
  • Nothing Better Than Being There
  • The Hidden War on Drugs and Habitat
  • Diversity and Adaptability to Protect the Environment
  • Toxins and Banned Chemicals with Drug Cartels

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