108 Katie Gervasi with Cpt. Jen Wolf – Michigan DNR Part I

Katie Gervasi is the Communications Representative for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division, and has the significant task of telling the stories COs are often too humble to tell themselves. Whether it’s crafting press releases and news items, maintaining the Department’s web presence, or shooting photos on ride-alongs, she shines a light on the important work of COs across the state. We are also pleased to welcome back one of our very first guests, Captain Jen Wolf.

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Here’s what we discuss:

  • Katie’s role at DNR
  • Communication is one of a CO’s most important skills
  • The diversity of Michigan’s resources
  • Supporting Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger
  • Patrolling the Great Lakes
  • Extensive water safety training
  • Other jurisdictions have reached out to receive training
  • Always something to do in Michigan
  • Clear water – how far down can you see?
  • Every season brings a whole new world
  • Shining a positive light on wildlife law enforcement


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Producer: Jay Ammann

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014 Jen Wolf – Michigan DNR

Jen Wolf is with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and has seen a variety of work over the last 21 years. Jen has spent time on the Michigan State Police, as a VCO and also was involved in the environment enforcement of the Flint Michigan Water Quality issue. Physical fitness is a priority for Jen and she says that the job has always had it’s challenges, but says your reaction is how you keep chaos under control.

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Here’s What We Discuss:
Jen Wolf, DNR, 21 Years
Pushups, Physical Fitness
Michigan State Police
Travers City, Michigan
VCO – Volunteer Conservation Officer
City Game Warden
As Good at a 25 Year Old Man
Pigeon River Forest
Checking Licenses
Car Stuck Where Trucks Go
Pressures of the Job, Understanding
Pollution Control and Environmental Protection
Federal and State
Water Quality to Fish and Wildlife
Trust, Flynt Michigan Water Issue
Finally the Truth, Bring it to Prosecution
Order to Chaos
Water Patterns are Cyclical, Look at History
Long Term Solutions, Not Short Term
Woods Water Seasons
Dealing with Good People and Bad People
Being Treated Differently
It’s All How You React to It
I’m Capable
The Dispatch Center
Regional Rep, 250 Officers
We Are Hiring
Never a Line at the Bathroom