034 Rick Estes – Warden New Hampshire Fish and Game

Rick Estes spent 28 years with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department as a game warden, a career that took him to every nook and cranny of the Lakes Region and the White Mountains. He fine-tuned his wilderness skill in wilderness navigation and survival during his tenure. Rick was named N.H. Fish and Game team leader for the state’s specialized search and rescue team and he was instrumental in implementing GPS technology into search and rescue operations.

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Here’s What We Discuss:

  • The Influence of Previous Wardens
  • 1972 Wolfeboro Police Dept
  • Retired Twice, Discount on a Drift Boat
  • Fly Fishermen, The Whole Package
  • The Hydraulics of a River
  • Wild Fish vs Hatchery Fish
  • Smelt Runs
  • Copper Sulfate for Weeds, Killed the Smelt
  • Dipping and Drinking, Wily Brook
  • Jimmy Jones, Rest His Soul
  • 22″ Smelt
  • Enlisted in the Air Force  – Idaho
  • Downings – The Ones You Remember
  • Tears into Your Ears
  • The Snow Jet and the “72 Zephyr
  • Drive for 1 Hours, Work for 2
  • Harry Perkins – #1 Badge and Oil of Annis
  • Bee Lines – Native Hives
  • Hikers and Search and Rescue, Not Hunters
  • Shootings in District One – The Red Book
  • Colonel Allen – Education Above the Tree Line
  • The GPS – Topo, Trumbull, USGS, Maps
  • Beta Testing and Computers
  • The Olympics, Selective Positioning
  • Rick Wilcox, Avalanche at Mount Washington
  • A Jungle of Whips, Clairvoyance and Dreams
  • Dowsing Water
  • The Psychic Locator, A Lady from Berlin
  • Lear Jet Lost Lebanon, Steve McQueen
  • Some Things are Stranger than Fiction
  • Channel 9 WMUR Helicopter Ride
  • Tracking Paperwork
  • A Brush with Death on Mount Monadnock
  • New Equipment, Side Scanning Radar
  • Specialize Volunteer Groups for the White Mountains

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