011 Eric Fluette – The Job of a Game Warden – Part Two

Eric Fluette covers the north east region of New Hampshire and is the operator handler for K-9 Moxie. This is part two of a two part interview. (Part 1 here.) We discuss moose season, accidental moose shootings, scuba diving in the Caribbean, and a few rescue missions turned recovery.

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Here’s What We Discuss:
A Remarkable Moose Season
Correcting the Yup Yup
A Sick Moose in Dummer
A Double Moose Mistakenly
The Antler is Usually Attached
Long Strides and Liquid Attractant
Diving on Turks and Caicos
A 6’5″ Shark
Zero Air
Picking a Working K-9
Moxie’s First Swim
a 30.06 Case, a Legal Shot
Airboat Pre-Flight
The Airboat Team
A Dangerous Scenario, a Drowning
A Rescue or Recovery, High Emotions
The Worst Hour and Informing the Family

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