008 Sgt Aaron Cross – Live at Cabelas

From the 2019 Maine Moose Lottery, we sat down with Sgt Aaron Cross from the Maine Warden Service. As a regular on the North Woods Law television program, Aaron has many stories to share that reflects his career as a Maine Warden, his involvement with Operation Game Thief, and International Wildlife Crime Stoppers.

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Here’s What We Discuss:
The Moose Lottery
Operation Game Thief
Hired Prior to Finishing College
Whitewater Rafting
Swift Water Training
Tricked into a Date
The Game Warden Story
Frequent Flyers and an Arrest Warrant
Walking Toward Shore, Bickering Felons
Family Member Tickets
2032 Graduation and Retirement
Night Hunting Beaver
Losing the Decoy
Locked in with a Moose Decoy and No Suspect
Another _______ Minivan
Checking the Gun, a 22 Mag is a Poacher’s Choice
Killed Before Court in a Bar Fight
Duck Hunters in Boxer Shorts
Good People Make Mistakes Too
Smelting on Kingsbury Pond
Being on the Job
How to Be a Game Warden in Maine
Knowing the Activity
A Possible Hunting Incident -Dead Guy in the Driver’s Seat
A Drug Deal Gone Bad
Cold Cases and Missing Persons
A Deer Hunting Case in March
It All Comes Around
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