007 Eric Hannett – Salt of the Earth

Eric Hannett is a 16 year Conservation Officer veteran of the NH Fish and Game Department covering the Monadnock region of New Hampshire. Eric is also one of the featured Game Wardens on Animal Planet’s hit television show North Woods Law. Eric says that the demands of the job are never the same and that some days he can’t believe he gets paid do his job, yet other days he says he doesn’t get paid enough.

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Here’s What We Discuss:
16 Years, Almost a Vegetarian
Riding Snowmobiles, a 700
Physically Fit, Being Injured
A 36-40 Hour Shift
Bonding and Slap Happy
The Brink of Breaking
Regular Police Work
The Keene Patrol, Adult ADD
Chased by a Moose
The Alligator in the Connecticut River
A Rescue Story on Icy Roads
Starskey and Hutch Style
Operation Ice Holes and the Panfish Plunder
1000 Fish Over the Limit
A Night Hunting Case
The Milk and Whisky Story
Cold Case from the 1970s
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Flying Ninja Kick
6 Days of Filming for a 40 minutes Segment

3 thoughts on “007 Eric Hannett – Salt of the Earth

  1. I missed yesterday North Woods Law, 7/12/20. The new program, in Texas, Long Star Law is good but they could split the time and offer both programs on Sunday. My love for all at North Woods Law especially to Eric Hannett, you are all very sweet.

  2. I Love Watching North Woods Law!! I Love Watching Eric Hannett, Richard Crouse, Shawn MacFadzen, Demlar. I love watching all of them. Kevin Bronson, Ken St. Pierre and Levi Fry and Lt B love watching them. Eric Hannett is my Favorite.

  3. It’s very comforting in these times that there are such wonderful, strong leaders to take care of people and uphold the laws. Thank God fir all if you.

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