005 Graham Courtney – Seacoast Game Warden

Covering the mainland is one thing, but having to cover the seacoast in addition to the mainland in a densely populated area adds a whole new dimension to being a game warden. The Joint Enforcement Agreement helps to cover an area with lots of traffic and keep the fisheries sustainable. The 13 miles of coastline in NH doesn’t seem like much, but it’s as active as any coastline area in the country with lots of commercial and recreational fisherman using these coastal waters.

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Here’s What We Discuss:

  • I Didn’t Really Want To Be a Game Warden
  • Associates Degree, Kept the Door Open
  • The Seacoast of New Hampshire
  • I Get Sea Sick
  • A 52′ Hinckley Sail Boat
  • Perfect Storm
  • We Won’t Ourselves at Risk
  • Lobstermen
  • Shell Disease 1 in 5
  • The Lobster License
  • V Notch and Egg Bearing Females
  • Deer Population of the Seacoast
  • A Concentration of People
  • Chris McKee and Training in My 40s
  • A 5 Gallon Bucket and Apples
  • Mark Hensel and a Canine
  • I’ve Never Kicked in the Doors
  • Dumpin Donuts
  • The Conservation Aspect
  • Integrating the Community
  • Soft Shell Clams
  • A Clam Rake as a Weapon
  • He’s Gonna Swim for It
  • Dave, Super Cop Fell in the Mud
  • From Fine to Felony
  • A Deputy Status
  • A Steak and Lobster Dinner

2 thoughts on “005 Graham Courtney – Seacoast Game Warden

  1. Hey I hunt in the wildlife property in Newton NH I have game camera out last year a card disappeared. Didn’t think anything about after that put new card in . This year the day before opening day I went checked on my cameras and they where fine well the 15 I went to my tree stand and I find that my lock is cut on one camera , I had another camera on the one in the trail to catch the person because they took another card . And then the last one on the day before opening day. Now I know it is against the law for anyone to touch hunting stuff in the woods . He is not only taking my cards but cut the lock and is using my tree stand . I want it to stop and maybe get my 3 cards back . If possible. He is in there in the afternoons I got a couple of pictures that aren’t me

    1. Sorry Tim, just seeing this. Hopefully you have contacted your local Fish & Game office by now. If not, please do so. Thanks.

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