004 Lt David Gregory – One Vermont Moose Case that Became 9

We’re going to Vermont on this episode to talk to an old friend Lieutenant David Gregory.  It’s fun when as the host of the show, I also get to be the listener.  Lt. Gregory has some amazing stories to share and we were able to capture them here. I was on the edge of my seat.  Some of the stories we discuss are light hearted and some make you look life right in the face and realize that being a Game Warden is about life and death, and sometimes we’re putting our own lives on the line.

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Here’s What We Discuss:

  •  Northeast Kingdom of Vermont
  • The Old Fish Hatchery
  • Dropping Bags of Walleye
  • You’ve Bred Another F’in Game Warden
  • Montpelier Police Service
  • The Hunter Ed Trapping Tapes and a Job
  • First Big Case and Buying a Cape
  • Long Story Short, I’m Guilty
  • A Bloody Hand Print on the Mountain Dew Can
  • Got the Guy But Not the Deer
  • A Beaver Set
  • The Ones that Got Away Still Burn
  • Gotta Run Both Decoys
  • The Chase Vehicle
  • Logging Roads and Traffic Lights
  • One Case that Turned into Nine
  • Can’t Leave the State – Ruining Christmas
  • Ticketing The Pennsylvania Hunter, Still Wrong Moose
  • Getting Hot in the Kitchen
  • My Grandson Shot It – He Needs a Nitro
  • An .06 Muzzle Flash at Night at 3 Steps
  • Crossbows Part of an Aging Trend
  • A Drowning in the Connecticut River
  • The Last Hole and the Underwater Camera
  • Down 30-40 Jobs
  • Training with Sargent Jewett
  • Looking Into the Son’s Eyes and Backing Out, Backing Up
  • An Assaulted Officer, Just Leave
  • To Disarm a Police Officer

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