94 Wild Tech – with Steve Beltran & Eric Richey

Steve Beltran is an award-winning Conservation Police Officer with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources who combines his passion for both technology and the outdoors through his Timber-Tech column, a regular feature in International Game Warden Magazine. Eric Richey is the founder and CEO of Sovereign Sportsman Solutions (S3), an industry leader in customized electronic license and permitting innovations throughout North America. Join us as they discuss recent outdoor technology developments, and some exciting possibilities for the future.   

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Here’s what we discuss:

  • “Probably the largest, most unknown tech company in the industry”
  • Systems are built and branded to the specific state’s requirements
  • Mobile platforms allow officers access to real-time information
  • S3 developed the first mobile solution for conservation officers
  • Technology has typically been marketed to large law enforcement agencies
  • Access to data in the field increases efficiency – no need to go to the office for info
  • QR codes allow access even when offline
  • RFID advancements could allow coastal officers to gather all license info from a nearby vessel without having to board
  • Tech and the outdoors don’t need to be mutually exclusive
  • Electronic data can allow officers to quickly get a complete picture
  • Potential for faster access to license revocations under the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact
  • Each state currently uses its own format
  • A standardized system could identify violators on the spot
  • Violations in one state can result in different restrictions in different states
  • Timber-Tech column helps bridge the technical gap
  • Taking the tech into the field to determine exact needs
  • Why not use every tool that we have?


Hosts: Wayne Saunders and John Nores

Producer: Jay Ammann

Art & Design: Ashley Hannett

Research / Content Coordinator: Stacey DesRoches


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