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CJ Box is the New York Times bestselling author of over thirty novels, including the enormously popular Joe Pickett series, now a small-screen sensation streaming on Paramount Plus. An avid outdoorsman, the Wyoming native’s hit novels capture the vast, unspoiled beauty of the American West, the conflict between new and old ideas, and feature authentically believable (and sometimes heinous) characters, lightning-quick plots, and truly gruesome crimes. We are thrilled to welcome CJ to the show for a chat about the inspiration for Joe Pickett’s character, two successful TV shows, and much more!

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Here’s what we discuss:

  • 100th episode introduction – thank you!
  • Game wardens are all collectively Joe Pickett
  • Making Joe as authentic as possible
  • The inspiration for the first Pickett novel – the Endangered Species Act
  • Never intended to be a series
  • Wanted to introduce the element of family
  • Game wardens can be called on for any number of situations
  • Local wardens are integral to a rural community
  • Joe Pickett show runners are fans of the book series
  • Second season incorporates parts of three books
  • Wasn’t the first offer for a Pickett-inspired television series
  • A peek at Season Two
  • The show was an immediate success on Paramount Plus
  • Filming in Alberta, Canada
  • Capturing the family dynamic has helped broaden the audience
  • Making sure Joe wasn’t perfect; “he screws up.”
  • Joe’s character has grown and changed, but he still can’t shoot
  • Finding experts on every topic to seek different points of view
  • Joe arrests the governor – based on a true story!
  • Tackling socially relevant and contemporary issues
  • Consulting with game wardens to ensure accuracy


Hosts: Wayne Saunders and John Nores

Producer: Jay Ammann

Art & Design: Ashley Hannett

Research / Content Coordinator: Stacey DesRoches


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