059 For The Fallen – Arnold Magoon

Arnold Magoon was a game warden with the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department for 18 years. He worked his way up from a field warden to a supervisor, and was known to be fair but firm in how he enforced laws. As a warden, Arnold was well liked within the community he patrolled and was a role model for those around him. In 1978, a call about a late night shot came in while he was at home. He responded, and a suspected deer poacher assaulted him with his own flashlight, bludgeoning him to death. Arnold is the only warden that has died in the line of duty with the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. 

His sacrifice will not be forgotten. 

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Here’s What We Discuss:

  • For the fallen/police week
  • Wayne’s formal Colonel as a guest
  • Dangers of being a law enforcement officer
  • Roll of honor – 51 names
  • Won’t give this up until I die
  • Most challenging group I work with
  • It has to be done right
  • It was a normal day and he never came back
  • Take the time to tell people what they mean to you
  • Moment of silence
  • Poem
  • Jeff Whipple 
  • Arnold Magoon is the only warden who has died in Vermont
  • Moving on from tragedy and remember
  • Warden to supervisor 
  • Ready to fry by the fourth of July
  • Heard a gunshot and went out
  • Goes to confront the poachers
  • Put an identification on the vehicle
  • Throwing out evidence 
  • Approaching the vehicle: 2 men and 1 women
  • Son’s friend and knows him personally
  • Disappointment and frustration
  • Lunged for the flashlight
  • Left to die
  • Not uncommon to not wear a gun belt
  • Could happen to anyone
  • Monument created

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