052 Carlos Gomez – Oklahoma Department of Wildlife

Carlos Gomez spent 41 years as a game warden in the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation – 34 years serving Tulsa County and 7 years serving in Oklahoma County. He is the only game warden in Oklahoma’s history to spend his entire career in urban areas. Despite this, his time was filled with hunting and fishing interactions, as well as education of the public. In his retirement, he actively enjoys the outdoors and regularly attends meetings with conservation clubs.

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Here’s What We Discuss:

  • Wayne’s experience with Oklahoma
  • Carlos’s energy
  • Operation Jersey
  • Undercover turtles
  • Wildlife war with China
  • Importance of prosecution
  • Judge shopping
  • Educate and build relationships with violators
  • Game wardens are hunters too
  • Interactions with Tiger King
  • Stolen polar bear
  • Carlos’s deer case
  • Stay tuned for part two!

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