022 Mark Ober – North Country Game Warden

Mark Ober is now the Lieutenant for District 1 for the NH Fish and Game Department, but before that, Mark was a Sargent and Trainee under Wayne Saunders (the host of Warden’s Watch). Mark and Wayne discuss various situations and cases that they worked together including several night hunting cases, decoy sets for illegal shooting, and some north country search and rescue missions.

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Here’s What We Discuss:
Don Noyes Chevrolet
Opportunity vs Entrapment
He Took My Job
The Berlin Area
Ruining a Good Time
A Snot Ticket
Wet, Intoxicated, Covered in Blood
Punch Happy
Muzzle Flash
Drop the Phone, Big Bang, Game On
Furrows on the Train Tracks
Loons are Powerful, I’m Cramping Up
A Moose Double Kill, Wait Triple Kill
Accidents Happen
A Stratford Case
Face of the Radio Glows
KaBoom, KaBoom, KaBoom
The Plywood Decoy
The Value of a Chase Vehicle
A Big Buck on the Tail Gate
A Necessary Evil
Finding the Beacon

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