002 A Warden’s Best Cases – Wayne Saunders

The best day and the best cases is about an investigation and a night hunting case.  I discuss the Wardens involved and the perpetrators, and how the cases evolved.

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Here’s What I Discuss:

  • More Experience, More Cases
  • Night Hunting Cases
  • Sgt Robert Bryan
  • Decoy and Surveillance
  • Operation Game Thief
  • We Catch Bad Guys
  • Shots Fired
  • Musky Smell, Blood on the Hands
  • A Search Warrant and Drag Marks
  • Fresh Blood, You Got Me
  • I Don’t Want to Lose the Gun
  • A Pound of Flesh and a Confession
  • Some Guys are Playing Poaching Games
  • Who Can Poach the Most Deer
  • Flash of a Muzzle
  • Break Lights Lit Up the Whole World
  • A Gun Shot at Night Means a Night Hunt
  • A Browning BAR
  • Like That Treestand Over There?
  • A Moose Autopsy in the Woods
  • Unsolved… Never Got a Suspect
  • My Stetson is Off to Him
  • Homicides and Searches Run Hand in Hand
  • Cold Cases Go On, But Game Cases Die
  • Out the Back Door – You Can’t Hear a Crossbow
  • An Important Piece of Conservation

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