001 Wayne Saunders – Why I Built This Podcast – Wearing the Stetson

Welcome to the first episode of Warden’s Watch.  I am psyched! I’m excited to continue my adventure by talking to game wardens, biologists, and conservationists about all things related to the outdoors.  My goal is to educate.   I thought this podcast endeavor would be easy after being on North Woods Law and on radio.  Turns out, podcasting is much about soul searching.  Hopefully you’ll recognize my passion and dedication to promote conservation (not preservation) by finding the balance between people and animals. I hope to promote my brothers and sisters in conservation law enforcement by visiting the dangers, through stories, that the job brings.  And, I hope to increase awareness of programs like Operation Game Thief, Turn in a Poacher, and Wildlife Crimestoppers to better conserve the great resources on this planet. 

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Here’s What I Discuss:

  • My Story
  • You Should Understand the Job
  • Arthur’s Mountain and Legacy
  • Hunters are Conservationists
  • Seeing New Country – Freeing the Soul
  • My Dad and a BB Gun
  • Gun Handling and Grouse
  • Mrs. Colburn in the 2nd Grade
  • Wearing a Stetson
  • Ride Alongs
  • Roads that Have Numbers not Names
  • Nothing Is Routine, The Sixth Sense
  • My First Night Hunting Case
  • Wildlife Crime Stoppers and Operation Game Thief
  • Starting a Business – How Can I Do That?
  • Cutting Positions and Management Plans
  • Poachers – A Changed Man


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