060 For the Fallen – Justin Hurst, Texas EOW: March 17, 2007

Justin Hurst was a game warden who worked for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. A graduate of Texas A&M, he had a passion for the outdoors and worked to protect it. Even before he was a warden, he worked as a waterfowl guide and educated people on hunting. After 5 years of service as a warden, he was involved in an incident where a man was suspected of hunting illegally. While backing up another game warden on a pursuit, the suspect’s vehicle was spiked. As he got out, the suspect fired at the approaching wardens and deputies. Hurst was struck multiple times while returning fire, and was med-flighted to a nearby hospital. A day later, on his 34th birthday, Justin succumbed to his injuries. Justin is an example of an exemplary game warden with a strong work ethic and a desire to educate his community. 

His sacrifice will not be forgotten. 

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Here’s What We Discuss:

  • Chaplin Scott Mcintosh leads in prayer
  • Start of Justin’s love of wildlife
  • Dad, we need to help these hawks 
  • Love of duck and geese
  • Read the bands on geese
  • Went to Texas A&M, never went to a football game
  • Applied for the academy 
  • First of his class
  • Back home with people he knew
  • Make personal contacts with farmers and ranchers
  • A knocking at the door, a flashlight
  • Justin did not survive
  • His eyes were used as an organ donation
  • 25 game wardens at the house to support us
  • Kept the media away
  • 10 units involved in the incident
  • Dashcam video recorded
  • The pursuit 
  • Gets cornered at the cemetery and starts firing
  • Hits Justin; med-flighted to the hospital
  • I asked God “why did you take my son?”
  • Effects of a LEO death on the family
  • Weeks after, wardens were around 24/7
  • 500 law enforcement at Justin’s funeral
  • Cremated and released into the bay
  • Ashes put in Justin’s projects 
  • Offered life without parole; refused
  • Jury convicted him guilty of 1st degree murder with execution
  • All appeals denied
  • We pick the day he’s executed
  • A long process; very educational 
  • Only could bring a driver’s license the penitentiary 
  • He never said anything
  • Motorcycle groups revved engines during final statement
  • Parent groups for parents who lost LEO sons and daughters
  • Support of organizations
  • I want to make sure our wardens are supported
  • Justin wanted to educate and teach