049 John Anderson – Nevada Department of Wildlife

John Anderson is a Game Warden with the Nevada Department of Wildlife.  John patrols hundreds of acres in some of Nevada’s best elk habitat and has seen his fair share of incredible cases over the years.   John shares with us 3 of his best poacher cases along with some stories about how he became a game warden under what might be considered an unusual turn of events.  

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Here’s What’s Discussed in this Episode:

  • Dedicated to Capt Brian Allard
  • Ducks Unlimited Podcast
  • Warden’s Watch Gear
  • The Case Unit 231 Nevada to Utah
  • A Poached Elk
  • Was It Depredation?
  • A SpotLight on Camera and an ATV
  • The Flat Brim Army
  • The Whole Crime on Game Cam
  • Take a Look at Zachary – Instagram and Facebook
  • Felony Conviction, No Jail Time
  • $20,000 Fine
  • Nevada Isn’t the Wild West
  • The Crime Checked All the Boxes
  • What Changed? Family and Kids
  • Matlock, My Dad’s Kid
  • Connection with the Outdoors, but Unguided
  • Flintlock Muzzleloaders from Scratch
  • Poached a Doe and an Elk in Yellowstone
  • A 9 Year Old, an Apple Orchard, a Tag, and a Doe
  • An Honest Poacher, No Lying
  • No Electricity, Middle of Nowhere
  • Dove into the Application Process, Nevada was Hiring
  • There’s Always Evidence, and Generally Witnesses
  • Sometimes Your Only Friends Are Other Game Wardens
  • Treasuring Civilian Relationships
  • Life Balance
  • 70 Active Prosecutions
  • 2013 Writing a Warrant
  • Deer and Elk Tags, Undocumented Immigrants Poaching
  • Non-Game
  • Las Vegas Metro and Mexican Cartels
  • Random Meat in Ziplock Bags
  • Samples Tested, 5 Different Deer
  • Timing is Everything
  • Starts with a Little Tip, then it Grows
  • CSI from Crime to the Court, Homicide School
  • A Fork on the Left G4 Identification Measure
  • Working with Maggots, Stages, Time of Death
  • 3rd Case No Secrets
  • Photographs Contain Metadata
  • Great Witnesses are Instrumental
  • COVID is Messing Up Jury Trials
  • Usually Don’t Get Jail Time
  • 20 Days in Jail is a Big Message
  • Massachusetts and New Jersey Last Ones IWC
  • Reciprocation License Loss (Nationwide and Canada)
  • Sheep Cases are Rare – Serious Dedicated Hunters Typically
  • Transformation from Child to Adult