056 The Case of Kate Matrosova Part III Featuring Mark Ober, Bob Mancini, and Matt Holmes

At 32 years old, Kate Matrosova hiked the Presidential Mountain Range of the White Mountains in New Hampshire carrying light gear for a day hike. Unfortunately, she never made it out alive. Rescue teams attempted to reach her after she activated her communications device, but to no avail. Kate Matrosova was discovered a day later. 

Lieutenant Mark Ober is the Lieutenant for District 1 with the New Hampshire Fish and Game. He frequently responds to hikers in distress and develops search and rescue missions to find them. He is also a member of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Dive Team. In this episode, he discusses the mission to find Kate, the difficulties surrounding it, and his role as a supervisor.

Bob Mancini is an award-winning Conservation Officer in New Hampshire. He has been a member of the advanced search & rescue team, dive team, honor guard team and K-9 team. He was also a regular on Northwoods Law. He speaks of his role in the rescue for Kate.

Matt Holmes is a New Hampshire Fish and Game Conservation Officer. He was also a regular on Northwoods Law, and is part of rescue operations. In this episode, he discusses the attempted resume of Kate Matrosova with the rest of the rescue team.

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Here’s What We Discuss:

  • The return of John Nores
  • Q and A on April 26th via Patreon!
  • Start of Lt. Mark Ober interview
  • Matt and Bob: goal to get to coordinates
  • Half mile off trail to get to coordinates, meet with MRS team
  • Too cold to function 
  • Matt and Bob stay for backup, MRS team moves in 
  • When she wasn’t found at coordinates, everyone moves back down
  • Start of Bob Mancini interview
  • Decided to patrol on snowmobile 
  • Raced back to get essential gear
  • Disbelief of how someone could be out
  • My “Oh Shit!” bag
  • Forgot to change my socks
  • We were prepared to do what was required
  • Utilized snowmobiles and then hiked
  • Fight the inner demons to try and save a life
  • Propane in stove froze 
  • Hot water would have been like hitting the lottery
  • Should have slowed down and been a better teammate
  • Matt’s headlamp
  • Wayne’s rule: don’t call me the night before
  • Stay on scene on the trail, MRS goes to beacon
  • Loud and steady wind
  • Even if we knew where she was, it might have been a critical incident
  • Kate was an accomplished hiker
  • Gear has became better
  • Start of Matt Holmes interview
  • Predicted to be bad weather for a while
  • On snowmobile patrolling all day
  • Coldest and most dangerous rescue
  • Eyes are on the mountains 
  • Wind blowing over the summits
  • Glad to be in my cruiser 
  • At first I was angry: salt in an open wound
  • Carrying gear for overnight stays
  • Sun goes down, temperature goes down
  • Glen’s issues: it wasn’t his night 
  • Matt was the leader of the operation
  • We had to function as a team to do things we usually did alone
  • One team to bushwack to point, another on the trail
  • Barely got stoves lit, water couldn’t boil
  • All layers were on
  • If something went wrong, will have to build a shelter
  • Nobody wanted to stop
  • MRS team stayed, the rest moved out
  • I feel good about what we did
  • Plenty of reasons to not send anyone that night
  • Feelings softened toward Kate over time
  • Perfect storm of cold and wind


Hosts: Wayne Saunders and John Nores

Producer: Jay Ammann

Social Media/Marketing: Morgan Day

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