96 Jason Keller – Ohio DNR: Lessons From A Shooting

Ohio Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Officer Jason Keller was on the scene when fellow officer Kevn Behr was shot at close range by a poacher. In this episode, he recalls the incident and the aftermath, and shares some important lessons learned on that day.

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Here’s what we discuss:

  • Decoy operation began normally
  • Saw pickup truck drop a passenger with a long gun
  • Heard a shot ring out, and then screaming
  • The emergency button: technology can be a blessing
  • Stop the Bleed’ course
  • Packed the wound with gauze
  • Couldn’t find an exit wound
  • Perception of time changed
  • Shooter was identified right away
  • WIN philosophy: What’s Important Now?
  • Focus shifted to investigation
  • K-9 Scout located the shell casing
  • State trooper picked up the suspect
  • Shooter’s position identified by K-9 Scout at 48 feet (14.6m)
  • Public health protocols prevented visiting the hospital
  • Returned to the scene to search for additional evidence
  • Writing the Critical Incident report was challenging
  • Testified in court while suspect smiled
  • Officer Behr’s wife provided progress updates
  • Lessons learned: train as though scenarios are real
  • Be as mentally prepared as possible for critical incidents
  • Know where your First Aid kit is, and how to use it
  • When time allows, make sure to contact your own family
  • Dispatchers are a lifeline


Hosts: Wayne Saunders and John Nores

Producer: Jay Ammann

Art & Design: Ashley Hannett

Research / Content Coordinator: Stacey DesRoches


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