Junior Game Warden Series

“A Cowboy in the Woods” by Wayne Saunders and Lindsay Webb, Illustrated by Ashley Mayers

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A Cowboy in the Woods is the story of Bobby, a boy who spends the whole summer observing wildlife, writing notes in his notebook, fishing with his Dad, and keeping track of all the animals in his neighborhood. While trying to solve a neighborhood mystery, what he discovers is more than just an appreciation for the natural world.

The idea for this book came from Wayne Saunders own childhood experiences growing up and exploring the woods and streams, lakes and ponds of his native New Hampshire. The love of nature instilled in childhood led to a career as a Conservation Officer.

Wayne Saunders is a retired Lieutenant Conservation Officer from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department; Lindsay Webb is a naturalist, wildlife biologist, and environmental educator. Together they collaborated with wildlife artist Ashley Mayers to produce The Cowboy in the Woods, the story of a boy whose love of nature leads him in unexpected directions.

Reading Age: 4 – 10 years, 44 pages